WVRA’s Dave Bennett interviewed

WVRA Chair Dave Bennett is interviewed in this 18-minute video by local realtor Louisa Bada and talks about the work that goes on at the Weston Village Residents Association.

A few points of note in the video:

The developer of the subsidized rental retirement building proposed for 2346 Weston Road has resubmitted a new design. Bennett says the senior building was to be a ‘mish mash’ of one, two and three bedroom apartments with only one elevator. Now it will have only one and two bedroom apartments along with two elevators and a, ‘floor for guests’ where people can stay overnight. (I looked for the guest floor in the city report but it only mentions 188 square metres (2023 square feet of community space)). There will be a walking path on the top of the building. According to Bennett, it will be a place where, ‘I would put my mother’. I’m not sure if Bennett is claiming credit for the changes.

Bennett, says the City’s 28-page report on the 1956 Weston Road (Greenland Farms) development is a, ‘daunting document’ but the WVRA will put a link to it on their site with their own highlighted notes. Weston Web covered the contents of the report on January 4th -for our summary click here.

Comment: It’s great to see the WRVA opening up about what they do. I’m sure they mean well and do a lot of good in the community but if they are to truly represent all the residents of Weston, their meetings and decisions should be public and transparent. This will avoid the perception that the association is being used by Councillor Nunziata to legitimize questionable developments to the detriment of the public interest. Daylight is a good disinfectant.

With that in mind, here are some suggestions for the WVRA:

  • Residents should be able to join online.
  • The Constitution, by-laws and meeting minutes should be online.
  • Meetings should be publicized and open to any member of the public – especially those where developers and other lobbyists are present.

Here’s the video.

5 thoughts on “WVRA’s Dave Bennett interviewed”

  1. Mentioning Mount Dennis, Dave states in the video (just prior to the 4-minute mark): “… I live right at the border. I’m a Weston resident by — like one street …” to which Louisa Bada replies for some reason “Thank God!” Did she think that he meant that he *was* a Weston resident? Of course Dave meant that he *missed* being a resident by one street. This is how politically-savvy folk can say one thing and mean another.

    Now don’t get me wrong. If you read my comment on Roy’s January 28th “closed talks” article, you’ll know that I totally understand that Weston encompasses more than just the parts east of the Humber river, say, or north of Clouston Avenue. But when folk who insist on once-upon-a-time borders pretend that they are something that they are not, that is just hypocrisy. (And thank you to South Westonite who had previously made exactly that point.)

    I will note that in 1920 the residents of Edmund Avenue petitioned to join the town of Weston. They were soundly rejected by York Township Council!

  2. First of all, apologies to the First Nations & their ancestors of this river valley area. Pretty sure they’d find all our chatter and this developer’s proposal insulting.

    But, here’s something simple & fun supporting Mr. Havermann’s historic notation above, as well as those he made on Jan. 28th, too. And, you’ve likely seen it many times before, ‘The Founding of Weston’.

    If not, it’s the historic placard that was posted by the Province of Ontario many years ago and greets all that visit Memorial Park on Little Avenue as you walk toward the cenotaph from Little. And, it’s worth a read – if for no other reason than providing additional perspective on this topic.

    ‘The Founding of Weston’

    Settlers were attracted to the vicinity in the 1790s by the area’s rich timber resources and the water power potential by the Humber River here. By 1792, a sawmill was established on the west bank and within two decades a small hamlet known as “The Humber” had developed. About 1815 James Farr, a prominent local mill owner, named it Weston after his English ancestral home. The community subsequently expanded along both sides of the river until 1850 when a disastrous flood destroyed the west bank settlement. Improvements to the Weston Road and the arrival of the Grand Trunk Railway in 1856 stimulated substantial further growth on the east side. Incorporated as a Village in 1881, Weston became part of the Borough of York in 1967.

    There you go, more fun facts from an historic placard – Weston was born on the west side of the Humber River.. (in an Anglo or Euro sense).

    So, Roy stays!

  3. Nice bit of damage control by these three members of the WVRA (two officers and a foot soldier), including shiny imagery. Timing is everything.

  4. Okay, maybe it’s just me.

    Then again, maybe there have been more ‘edits’ than meets the eye with this group – and not just the obvious ones on this video offering from the realtor.

    If nothing else, Roy rightly suggests that it would be helpful and more transparent if the WVRA would post on their website some important notes about themselves – namely, their Constitution & Bylaws for all to see and understand.

    But now, where there once was a place for those two mission statements on their site (in the ‘Who We Are’ area of menu) those two empty spaces have oddly disappeared. (?)

    But, they have tweaked their web page with a note about a couple of new members added to their committee list, including Mr. Doolan.

    Again, as mentioned off the top, maybe it’s me and there never ever was a place to tell about their Constitution & Bylaws.

    But, at this point I’m almost certain that there’s been an ‘omission’ here, instead of an important ‘addition’ after all that’s been said on this topic to this point.

    If that’s so, I can only wonder why & what’s the motivation for a move like that.. once again.

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