Yet another coffee shop for Weston?

1986 Weston Road at the corner of Little Avenue.

A few days ago we reported on the Weston Bun Bakery’s proposed reincarnation. Now another coffee shop is about to launch at Weston Road and Little Avenue. The former pizza restaurant at 1986 Weston Road closed last year. Now we’re about to get “Keswick’s Best Coffee”. There was no response at the phone number (416-901-6801) today, but our readers may have more success.

I was able to contact Justin Zielonko, the new owner of the Keswick location and he says that he bought the original Keswick coffee shop from ‘Rose’, who will be opening the Weston store soon; probably within a couple of weeks and that she tries to help people in need with the profits of her business. She’s moving to Toronto to be ‘closer to the people that she’s helping’.

Rose sounds like a lovely lady and we wish her success in Weston.

Update: I found this photo on Facebook of the same address taken over 50 years ago.

Photo from Facebook: Thanks to Doreen Elminowski.

3 thoughts on “Yet another coffee shop for Weston?”

  1. Great to have a new business but I hope we can drink enough coffee to keep two coffee shops in the same block!

  2. Yes, it is a great photo.

    The couple are the late Mr. & Mrs. Balaka who served up lovely home cooked meals with a good amount of Macedonian TLC, for many, many years on the corner of Little & Weston.

    Lovely folks who raised their family on Farnsworth, in the Pelmo area of Weston.

    Gone but not forgotten.

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