Yet another idea for Weston.

The video below is a striking illustration of what is possible when intelligent planning is applied to a road that runs through an area.

Jeff Speck: The Classic American Road Diet from Cupola Media on Vimeo.

As measured, the total roadway space required for everything in the video is 56 feet. The current right of way along local roads such as Weston Road, Jane and Lawrence Avenue is at their narrowest, 27 metres or 88.6 feet. Unless I’m mistaken, this would allow the modifications shown in the video with a minimum of 16.3 feet feet for sidewalks on either side. Check out various rights of way on every major street in the city here. According to the video, traffic volume doesn’t suffer and cyclists are then able to operate in safety.


9 thoughts on “Yet another idea for Weston.”

  1. Please no more ideas…we saw whats hapoenned…more rental low income unit on john st….we need strong leader and someone to plan the actual city plan for weston….junction, college st, etc have done it right…why….because of leadership.

    1. We have an official plan for all parts of the City that was made in 2004. The problem is that developers constantly override the plan. The Greenland Farm proposal for example is asking for 28 storeys when only 8 are allowed. The developer bought GF in the last 3 months believing that those 8 storey guidelines could be overruled.

  2. I didn’t notice any transit buses in the video. When a bus stops, wouldn’t you get the ‘streetcar effect’ where everyone behind has to wait until the bus starts going again? Overall I like this though; I would feel safe to ride my bike in an environment like that. The added trees are good too! The general feeling also seems better, less highway-like.

    1. Good point. I suppose they could create a bus bay in the parking lane. I agree about the safety. I don’t feel safe cycling down Weston Road and this fear of traffic (and inattentive drivers) is the major obstacle to people getting on their bikes.

      1. After re-watching the video I realized that there were two bike lane scenarios. I’d feel much for safe with the one that’s shown second, where there is a 4 foot a physical buffer between the bike lane and the cars. The first one was simply a bike lane directly adjacent to a row of parked cars (anybody like getting doored?) and a live lane of traffic. Excluding having a bike lane beside parked cars, at the very least I’ll take a bike lane directly beside traffic over the sad ‘cycling provisions’ currently on Weston Road that are the faded shared lane pavement markings.

  3. This would make Weston Rd so much safer for bikes and pedestrians, and adding green spaces would improve everything.
    There’s room for this! How about it?
    Weston Rd beautification, safety first instead of developers’ profits!
    What a difference the pleasing landscaping and variety of stone the not-high rise townhomes on the old Beer Store site has already made. More green, bike lanes, bus bays, YES!

  4. Will never happen. Weston will never be like like Roncesvalle, College St. Junction! EVER. Too much refugee welfare trash surrounding Weston Village; and that will never change thanks to the great leadership of years past, that allowed for all those low-income high rises. RIP Weston. You had a great run up until 40 years ago.

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