Yet another swarming at Jane and Lawrence

There has been yet another mugging by a gang of four suspects at the corner of Jane St and Lawrence Ave, according to Toronto Police.

Four young men approached three other young men at about 2:45 Wednesday afternoon. The four suspects demanded the victims’ phones and wallets. The suspects then fled.

This is the fourth time in recent months that a gang of four suspects has struck at this corner. Recently, a man was beaten unconscious by a group of four men. In the other three cases, a group of four men approached young men and stole their phones and sometimes their cash.

You can see a map of the muggings in Weston here.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Yet another swarming at Jane and Lawrence”

  1. I’m wondering what current wisdom is about how to respond to an attack.

    The advice used to be, just let go of your purse or give up your wallet/cellphone/sneakers, because you could be injured.

    I don’t want to feel endangered when I walk in our neighbourhood and I hate to think of young people growing up afraid of being on the sidewalk, but is our area becoming a cache of purses and cellphones available for easy picking?

    What I’ve heard from police is “Be aware of your surroundings.” Yes, but what about when you’re surrounded? We teach children to yell when they feel threatened; what can threatened young people or grown-ups do?Report

  2. Sadly, tonight (Monday June 20)at Elm Park at about 7pm, with the park full of kids playing (mine included) the ice cream truck was held up at gun point. Not surprisingly, the guy got away, with [redacted by Adam, with apologies] the ice cream man’s hard earned money. Witnesses saw the man pull a silver gun out of his pocket.


  3. To Power of the Press:

    I’m not an expert, but I am huge, and I know how to kill with my bare hands. And if someone mugged me, I’d hand it all over. So would my judo teacher, and he’s even huger and deadlier. It’s just never worth it.

    But we need to keep these deplorable acts in perspective. Since September, 2010, when I started keeping track, there have been 21 street robberies in Weston–about 2 a month.

    If you subtract teens robbing other teens of their phones✝, there have been about 10 street robberies in a city of, say, 30 thousand.

    ✝ I’m not saying we should. But I know you don’t have a phone and are not a teen.Report

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