YMCA at Weston and Lawrence?

Democracy is still in its infancy here in Ward 11. Another election has rolled around and with only three candidates running for Toronto City Council, it looks likely that incumbent Councillor Frances Nunziata will be handily re-elected. During a recent all-candidates debate held at Rogers TV, only Dory Chalhoub and Ms. Nunziata showed up. Candidate Jose Garcia did not attend.

The two candidates seem to share a right-wing viewpoint with the two of them expressing on the one hand a grim determination to keep taxes and tax increases to a bare minimum and on the other, bewilderment at the lack of infrastructure and transportation spending over the last forty years. On many occasions, Ms. Nunziata was able to handily swat down Mr. Chalhoub by exploiting his inexperience and absence at meetings of concern to the ward. With regard to their Mayoral preference, Nunziata is keeping her options open by cannily staying ‘neutral’ although she did allow that John Tory will be continuing the Ford agenda (unlike Doug presumably). John Tory is the choice of Dory Chalhoub.

One quote that stuck out from the back and forth came from Ms. Nunziata, who while citing her achievements declared that, “…at Weston and Lawrence we will be getting a YMCA.” This is the second time WestonWeb has heard the councillor mention this and we note she did not mention the word ‘might’ but used ‘will’. Perhaps readers can ask Ms. Nunziata for more details at the next debate on October 15th at the Mount Dennis Legion.

Ageless moderator Gord Martineau had an easy time keeping order throughout. The debate can be viewed here but Rogers seems to be restricting access to subscribers (login required).


6 thoughts on “YMCA at Weston and Lawrence?”

  1. I would be soooo excited if this were true! I have long said that we needed a YMCA in the West end since they are so unevenly distributed across the city (as are many other resources/infrastructure).

  2. Nunziata will win since there isn’t anyone else running….the next election will present alternatives I hope…..

  3. There should be small campus of Seneca or George Brown around here. Few years back I took computer courses at Seneca’s Jane & Finch place. It was great.
    There is a lack of adult education in Weston.

  4. I did ask the question at the debate on October 15th. The answer has morphed into that negotiations are under way between the YMCA and Weston Park Baptist Church. I remember her saying something similar a couple of years ago. So no YMCA for you!!

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