York Memo community must make tough choice

City News reports that York Memorial community members have to make a tough choice: should they stay at George Harvey, just down the street, or go to Scarlett Heights, which is empty but farther away?

School map

If they move, they could have their own space, but fewer amenities. If they stay, they’ll have to “share specialized rooms like science labs, art rooms, gyms, the library, cafeteria and pool”.

Either way, the TDSB must make plans over the summer for the fall. They are currently gathering opinions to submit to the board.

Displaced York Memorial community must choose new home


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “York Memo community must make tough choice”

  1. How many kids would walk to Memo?

    If not that many & they usually “ride”, a whole school to themselves @ the vacant Scarlett Heights might make the most sense – where they’ll get a chance to build their identity & spirit from scratch, without sharing with an existing school, like at GHSS. (?)

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