York Memo salvageable

While parts of York Memorial had to be demolished during the two fires at the school this week, the Globe and Mail reports that the school will stand. Hooray!

But despite the charred interiors, scarred walls and water damage in the basement – which was almost filled with water – early assessments by engineers are promising, a Toronto Fire Services platoon chief told reporters at the scene. It looks like the building can be saved.

Firefighters battling York Memorial fire
Photo from Muller Zergaber

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “York Memo salvageable”

  1. What are the odds that the building’s future is as something like the “Memorial Lofts”? (Close your eyes and you can just about see the pink-hazed CGI architectural renderings)

    I note with interest that the entire student body of ~900 was accommodated an eleven-minute walk away at George Harvey Collegiate, which is seriously under-enrolled.

    Add to this (1) serious doubts over the TDSB’s ability to effect an expensive historical restoration project in anything like a reasonable time-frame, and (2) what I expect are some very high land values for a very large piece of land immediately adjacent to a brand-new Eglinton Crosstown station.

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