York Memo students moving to Scarlett Heights

After the devastating fire(s) at York Memorial C.I., students have been accommodated in empty space at nearby George Harvey C.I. Despite the convenience of the temporary accommodation being so close, Memo students apparently weren’t happy sharing and so beginning in September, they will be moving to the former Scarlett Heights Academy at 15 Trehorne Drive in Etobicoke. This will be an added commute for the thousand or so staff and students but the school was empty and apart from repairs for some water damage, should be ready in September.

The routes from York Memo to Scarlett Heights. From Google Maps. Click to enlarge.

Walking that distance takes over an hour and cycling is too dangerous given our lack of cycle lanes. What this will do to Weston’s traffic and transit remains to be seen but fast food outlets in the Royal York Plaza will no doubt be pleased.

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  1. I’ve touched upon this point before in previous comments, but it’s such an extraordinary thing that the TDSB has such a supply of empty (or near empty) real estate.

    I have heard the justification that population pressures may eventually require reopening, but this would be uncharacteristically foresighted for a public authority. Moreover, it is hard to imagine ever returning to the halcyon birth rates of the 60’s-70’s. Add to this the likelihood of an eventual merger between the public and separate boards, which is supported by a majority of people province-wide (and likely a much greater proportion within the GTA).

    Barring the unusual circumstance of schools being entirely consumed by fire, I can’t conceive of why the TDSB holds onto its property. Is there some secret motive here that I’m not seeing?

    Surely the school board could put the money from selling real property to use?

    1. I think it’s not farfetched to imagine that the schools will reopen or fill again.

      More than 300,000 people came to Canada last year. I imagine that most of them are younger, and of the age they’d want to have children. We are in the middle of a demographic trough at the moment–a faint echo of an echo of the baby boom.

      Add to this that school closings are not easily undone. Reopening a closed, sold, and developed school would require expropriating hundreds of homes and displacing a thousand or more people. When STJE wanted to move 10 years ago, they floated the idea of moving to Swanek Park.

      Which leads us to a solution: *if* the schools must be closed, one public good should be made into another. We shouldn’t sell them to developers (although we will). We should turn them into parks.

  2. Same situation with Pelmo and Weston Memo – why have they not merged?
    Time to tear Weston Memo down and merge it with Pelmo

    York Memo is done as well. Prime land that can be converted to luxury condo’s, parks, additional store fronts right next to Eglinton Crosstown……….

  3. This is an absolute joke. The school was very close in being sold to the Toronto Catholic Board. This would have helped alleviate the overcrowded congestion at nearby Catholic Schools (Bishop Allen, 16 portables and Michael Power, 3 portables). The TDSB played games for the last 2 years trying to figure out a way to keep it. It is a real shame that the TDSB is now forcing students to travel some 5 extra kilometres to get to school.

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