York Recreation Centre over-subscribed.

The state-of-the-art York Recreation Centre is suffering from overcrowding according to an excellent article by Megan Delaire in Toronto.com. Because the centre is located in a ‘Priority Neighbourhood’, there are no fees and this may be attracting people from outside the community. Mount Dennis and Weston residents looking for a reliable gym routine are having to drive even further to another rec centre or private gym.

Read Megan’s article here.

4 thoughts on “York Recreation Centre over-subscribed.”

  1. Nobody should be surprised. Anytime you combine people and something ‘free’, there is never going to be enough–enough free things that is. There will always be enough people to consume something free. So, what are the expectations?

  2. Yeah, “free” is the secret sauce, isn’t it.

    And yet, wouldn’t it be worse if No One used and totally ignored these reasonably well orchestrated facilities?

    In other words, on the surface our tax dollars don’t seem to be absolutely and completely squandered & wasted down there, in Keelesdale.

    I don’t believe that this can be said about all the other parks & recreational facilities, as witnessed a few times this past summer on really hot days that we’re perfect for enjoying with our grand kids at a less than crowded, reasonably maintained outdoor pool.. like at Weston Lions Park.

    And frankly (and much to my surprise), those folks in attendance on those days were for the most part, decent & lovely families – with lots of space for everyone. All sharing the facilities nicely.

    Maybe, it’s a little like what those ol’ rock & rollers (Jagger & Richards) sang about,

    “..You can’t always get what you want
    But, if you try some time
    You just might find
    You get what you need.”

    (It would be nice if most school board facilities were shared and used more often by Parks & Rec, instead of being off limits, after hours? Even some of the little kid playgrounds on a school site are locked up. And, there are lots of little gyms sitting there quietly with not a single basketball, volleyball or tennis ball being bounced about for the fun of it, or health & wellness.)

  3. What happens with more rental towers lining weston rd? Where are the facilities for all the new residents coming? I guess maybe at that point artscape Weston will add programs people want.

  4. A rec centre closer to Weston village would be nice – are you reading Frances?????
    Apparently Parks & Rec Toronto has a master plan that has never been approved by council.
    I’m not sure if it involves a centre for us, but I would be amenable to paying for use of the venue.
    I used to go to the York West Centre when it first opened – it was busy then.

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