York South—Weston riding up for grabs?

Brad Lavigne, a senior official for the NDP, told the Globe and Mail that the NDP might just take the York South—Weston riding.

YSW has been a Liberal stronghold for 30 years, except for a vanishingly small time when it elected John Nunziata, who ran as an independent, having been turfed from the Liberal caucus. In the last federal election, Alan Tonks won by a large margin.

This time, according to Lavigne, may be different. The Globe says,

He said [Michael Ignatieff’s poor attendance] is helping NDP fortunes in Toronto ridings, including York South–Weston, which has been represented by Liberal Alan Tonks since 2000.

Other, smaller, media disagree. MyTownCrier.ca says that Tonks is still a shoe-in.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.