York South—Weston political boundaries may be redrawn

The political boundaries of York South—Weston may be redrawn. The easternmost boundary would be moved from the train tracks near Caledonia Road to Keele Street. The move would occur as a result of population shifts and growth in Toronto, and the lines would be redrawn by an independent commission. The villages of Weston and Mount Dennis would not be affected by the change.

Both the provincial and federal ridings would change; they, by law, are identical.

Khaki is the revised riding. Khaki and grey is the riding presently.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “York South—Weston political boundaries may be redrawn”

  1. While rewriting the boundaries why don’t they rename it to something that truely reflects the neighbourhood, Weston-Mount Dennis or Mount Denis-Weston. York South has no meaning to most people, just ask them about the Borough or York and see the strange looks you get.

  2. Will the boundary changes help us elect new representatives for councillor and MPP? Got to give our MP a chance, but the others have failed.

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