York South—Weston riding boundaries may change

The federal boundaries of our riding may change, according to YSW MP Mike Sullivan.

Right now, our riding has about 10,000 more residents than the Ontario average. The riding also contains quite diverse communities: Pelmo, Weston, Mt Dennis, and part of the Junction, as well as Keelesdale, Rockcliffe, and Rustic.

In an article in InsideToronto, Mike Sullivan says, “In my perspective, the riding is pretty close to the right size,” said Mike Sullivan, York South-Weston MP. “It doesn’t need to change.”

Your humble correspondent disagrees; smaller ridings, all other things being equal, are better ridings. PEI has four federal MPs—and roughly the same number of people as York South—Weston.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.