York Weston Community Centre’s swan song

The Globe and Mail has an article covering the closing of a community hub in Weston. The York Weston Community Services Centre provides settlement services primarily to Sudanese newcomers. Cuts to its funding are forcing it to close.

Sudan is having a referendum to determine whether the south of the country will separate. Interestingly, the community centre in Weston is one of only two places in all of Canada where Sudanese expatriates can vote.

According to the article, after the referendum, the York Weston Community Services Centre will close because it is underperforming and because fewer immigrants are settling here.

As far back as 2008, CIC had identified critical weaknesses in York Weston’s governance structure. It claimed the centre had failed to meet benchmarks in service delivery as well as its obligations under the terms and conditions of its contribution agreement with CIC.

In 2009, a new, reform-minded board of directors was elected and began to work on addressing CIC’s concerns. It submitted its first progress report to CIC that December. The board also fired its executive director last summer and replaced him with John Doughty, a specialist in crisis management and turnaround in non-profits.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.