Your chance to weigh in on culture in Weston

The City of Toronto is surveying residents about the cultural events and spaces in their communities (hint: there are few in Weston).

This kind of survey drives me up the wall:

  1. If it’s taken seriously, the rich get more cultural money. After all, the rich work in offices and have computers at their desks all day. The rich have newspapers and groups to direct people to the English-only survey.
  2. If these surveys are not taken seriously, they give the appearance of accountability where none exists.

So, go Westonians. Tell the city what you think about the arts, culture, and historical spaces in our fair village.

1a. Honest, to Christ. Who asks these questions? Here: “Do you feel that arts, culture and heritage offerings are physically, financially and geographically accessible to you?  Arts, culture and heritage offerings are defined as films, live music, theatre, dance, literary events, art galleries/displays, museums or heritage displays.”

Tell me now, is that an easy-to-answer question for someone with English as a second language? Could the navel-gazing ‘community facilitator’ behind this not have said: “Do you go to movies, concerts, or other performances? Do you go to museums?”

So help me god, I’ll bet 10:1 this is some PhD candidate doing “action research”. Any takers?

This is the sort of crap that ensures that the Wychwood Barns and the Evergreen Brickworks go to the richy-rich hoods, while we get, what? A train station? I could murder someone.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Your chance to weigh in on culture in Weston”

  1. This survey should have been tanked. I was confused by the first question, and elementary writing skills could have framed it more clearly.

    A sad waste of money, and sadly, it’s no surprise.

    I think your analysis is spot-on!

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