YSW to be a race to watch in provincial election

Veteran NDPer Paul Ferreira will be running against incumbent Laura Albanese in the next provincial election,  according to InsideToronto. This could be a fantastic race.

Paul Ferreira has held the York South-Weston seat before; he squeaked out a victory in the 2007 by-election, before losing his grip only a few months later in the 2007 general election. Both elections were decided by only a few hundred votes.

While Ferreira has been out of office, he hasn’t been out of power. He was chief of staff to Howard Hampton and now works as a senior advisor to Andrea Horwath, the party leader, InsideToronto says. Ferreira has plenty of electioneering experience, too; this will be his seventh race.

Laura Albanese won’t go gently, I’m sure. She’s been an effective, if quiet, representative for York South-Weston. She sits on committees and seems to have a healthy record in the legislature. She gets the job done without drawing attention to her successes. And that may be a liability: Albanese, while capable and effective, doesn’t have much flash.

Frances Nunziata has flash. Rob Ford has flash. Ignatieff figured flash out, after a while, and Jack Layton seems to have been flashing since the day he was born. Flash is galvanizing. Flash is often off-putting. And Albanese just doesn’t polarize enough to pull people out to vote.

Certainly, the political currents are against Ferreira. We voted strongly for the right-wing Ford administration and re-elected socially conservative Alan Tonks by a large margin. Also, the NDP has almost always been the bridesmaid here, and rarely the bride.

But they’ve sometime been close contests, and Ferriera knows his stuff and is a party insider. If Ferreira can sparkle in our somewhat grey little community, he might just stand a chance.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.