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It looks like Greenland Markets has shut its doors for good.  The expansive room is empty, and the fixtures are gone.

I can’t find any development applications for the site, though it seems likely to be rebuilt. The business is also for sale, though, which seems odd. Your input is welcome.

I really liked the grocery my kids grew up calling “the stinky store”. It had a crazy mix of wildly different foods from all around the world, and it was cheap. I eventually changed my kids’ minds with Pocky and other gooey Japanese snacks.

They’ll miss it too.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “zài jiàn, sayonara, annyeonghi gyesipsio, tạm biệt, Greenland Supermarkets”

  1. the place was gross.
    too bad more rental apartments will eventually will replace it.

  2. One of the cashiers claimed that a condo was going to go up. When i asked her why they were closing she said the owner was retiring. We will see…..
    They were handy as this was my fo to place for carribean …the superstore has some Caribbean items on hand in their “world foods section”. But unfortunately doesnt carry the meats that us carribean folks are used to cooking

  3. I went in there once and it smell terrible. I didn’t like how they torn down the Kresage’s for parking lot too. I was thinking a Giant Tiger could go there..I go to the one on Kipling and they have good priced clothes and small grocery part with price matching.. Shoppers some needs competition also. Definitely don’t need anymore ethic grocery stores in the area.

    1. “Don’t need any more ethnic grocery stores in the area”. Says (probably) the white person that probably doesn’t know what her neighbours look like.

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