Zayde Wisdom, young man from Weston, drafted into the NHL

Zayde Wisdom, a young and inspiring man from Weston, has been drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers.

Image from the NHL

Wisdom grew up in poverty, sometimes having to visit the food bank. He told TSN, “It was definitely rough growing up. Money was always an issue, worried about your next meals, or worried about how you’re going to get to hockey practice where gas might have been an issue the next day.”

“We didn’t have the money to go to Food Basics or the Superstore. My mum was working multiple jobs at once doing everything she could to provide for me and my little brother, and she did, but sometimes obviously bills came first.”

Wisdom also won the E.J. McGuire Award of Excellence, given to the player “who best exemplifies the commitment to excellence through strength of character, competitiveness and athleticism.”

TSN’s video is well worth watching.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. No matter what, and come what may with this steep climb toward a full time position with the Flyers, this is already a wonderful success story.

    Quite obviously, much love surrounding him.
    Bravo, Mom & Grandmom.

    Well done, young man.
    You got this.

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