Zeal burgers; real burgers

When people think of Weston Road, they usually think of the UP Express, traffic and a plethora of different places to shop and eat. But now people of Weston will have to think of mouth-watering juicy burgers with a side of crisp fries; thanks to Zeal Burger, located at 1926 Weston Road.


The month-old restaurant is cooking up some of the best burgers I have ever had, using triple A steak and other fresh ingredients to whip up some seriously mind blowing creations. The family-run business is dedicated to making fresh food inspired by places all over the world.

With burgers topped with everything from guacamole to a fried egg to tzatziki sauce, there’s something on Zeal Burger’s menu for everyone! They’ve even got their own take on poutine that’s topped with a cheeseburger, and their signature Z Sauce! In the words of Mark Ghopros, the owner, “My favourite thing on the menu is the Chef’s Poutine. It’s like a meal on its own, the flavours on it are insane.” Even if you do not eat meat, Zeal serves up fries in many different ways, including Greek style. So no matter what you like, you’ll be able to find a meal at Zeal.



Ghopros has dreamed of owning his own restaurant since he was a teenager. After having worked at places like the Keg and the Granite Club, Ghopros was waiting for the right moment to open a place of his own. When he saw the location he thought it was the perfect spot to open shop. “When I first came to the area I thought it was perfect. Everyone was so nice and I loved the community” he stated. Mark went on to tell me all about how he wanted to create an experience for his customers. Using an open-concept kitchen to create handmade burgers, he wanted to ‘throw it back’ to the 50s and 60s, when burger shops like his, where you can get killer food and milkshakes, were everywhere. From one conversation with Mr.Ghopros, I could tell he was extremely passionate about food and his business.


“I’m not trying to re-invent the burger; I’m trying to perfect the burger”

On my visit, I feasted on “The Heat”, a burger with pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce, cheddar and jalapeno mayo, and their classic fries. It was honestly one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Every bite had more flavour than the last, and the hand cut fries were perfectly hot and crisp. I dipped mine in the restaurants homemade Z sauce, which just added to the great taste of the fried potatoes. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of burgers, however, Zeal has won me over. I know for a fact that I will be back on multiple occasions, to try everything on the menu.


On top of all of this, Zeal offers a 15% off student special, with a valid student ID, and is planning on creating a senior discount as well! But even if you are not a senior or student, Zeal Burgers prices are already incredible!

Zeal Burger is a new gem to the Weston Community that I highly recommend everyone to visit. Everything on the menu is made with love and great ingredients. Zeal is the real deal when it comes to burgers, and I know that soon it will become a landmark of the area.

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10 thoughts on “Zeal burgers; real burgers”

  1. Dunno about you but something about ALL those storefronts along Weston doesn’t look inviting to me. Glad to see some of you still take such pride in Weston but let’s face it. As soon as the old Anglos in Weston village die off, Weston Village goes down the drain. Isn’t there a stat that something like 60% of homes in Weston Village are rented out while their owners are living far from? Pride of ownership is arse

    1. Finally someone speaks the truth!!! Its those same dam Anglos that allow and vote for more rental towers to be built in Weston and then those same folks move out!!!

      1. The stat is 60% of homes in Weston are apartment dwellings vs rest of toronto that is 30% apartment. Weston has way too much apartments/condos – rental/owned….but the good City want to dump more on us.

    2. No, there is no stat that says 60% of the homes in Weston Village are rented out. That sounds like a number that someone made up to support their own negative viewpoint.

    3. The ‘old Anglos’ in Weston don’t ever use the shops and services on Weston road, which is part of the reason it was on the decline. It’s the younger people and new families moving into Weston who are driving the new shops and restaurants. So when the old Anglos are gone, it won’t hurt Weston at all. Maybe it will create more of a push to out the garbage stores and bring in places where people want to shop. As for pride of ownership, you must not spend much time walking around the village, because it is everywhere.

  2. Fantastic post Lieselotte! I’ve made several visits to Zeal already and the food and service has been consistently outstanding. Huge fan of both the Z Burger and the Dunamis Burger.

    The owner, Mark, goes above and beyond to make every customer feel welcome. His enthusiasm about this new business shines through. He’ll excitedly tell you about his Chef’s Creations burgers as well as the new menu items he’s experimenting with. The conversation is almost as good as the food…and the food is amazing.

    Really encourage any local burger lover to check the place out.

  3. Zeal burgers might be a great burger place, but I don’t imagine it gets business from anybody outside of 4sq blocks within it’s location, so it wont last too long. That area has a Cash Converters, Cash Z Way, MoneyMart, Cash Inn, and a bunch of Dollarama-type stores. Someone not from the area, driving by that street is not going to stop for a “delicious” burger, when that street is littered with various pockets of groups of men hanging out by front doors looking either shady OR just hanging out (most likely collecting welfare, while looking ABLE (but unwilling) to work). “YummyCockroaches” and “Finally” make good points. Weston is no longer what it used to be, thanks to the people that allowed for all those low-income apartments along Weston Rd. and Jane St. #shame #parkdalenorth #regentparkjr

    1. To begin with..
      thanks Lieselotte for the feature – nicely done.

      We’ll make time to check it out, at least once. (Hey, you can’t pay your bills if you’re always eating out, right?)

      And yes, thanks also to Adam & Roy for providing more than anyone could ever ask for given the size of this local web publication, including great photos, too.

      Maybe what Matt, Yummy & Finally speak about is what we all fear when it comes to the old village. We might be in major denial.

      But, I bet the sentiments were probably very similar way back in the day of the old “Sons of England” gatherings when someone new came into the neighbourhood with different ideas & customs.

      Quite likely, the first people probably thought, “.. Damn, there goes our neighbourhood & happy valley” when the first Europeans arrived in the 1700s.

      Maybe we should give more thanks and credit to those folks who try very hard to fit in, maintain and improve.

      Is there a better, corporate citizen than the WARD family’s long time investment in the community?

      Hard pressed to find a nicer looking commercial property in town that they generously share with many different types of people in Weston.

      How ’bout the investment and devotion that the P&M family has made in town. They could have quit, too. But no. Looks to me like a pretty hard working group from this perspective – 7 days a week.

      Maybe Weston has gentrified in a way that disappoints many who romance the old village and now, dump on her. But truly, these things take time and may never, ever turn out ideally for many critics.

      Toronto’s made up of over 200 little communities like Weston – some better than others, sure. But, visit any one of them including the hoity-toity locations and you’ll probably see rough spots & blemishes.

      How about visiting anywhere & everywhere in small town Ontario – and you’ll see lots of decay and signs of a better day. Not pretty.

      So, maybe we should be grateful to those who walk-the-walk, invest, adapt and strive to make it work. It’s tough.

      In closing, heard a very good feature about gentrification on Radio One a few weeks back that may offer a few different perspectives.

      The hour long radio program is called, “Out in the Open” hosted by Piya Chattopadhyay.

      She attempted to address the “G word” from 4 different areas of our land, including the Toronto area.

      It’s good and thoughtful. And, she reveals that she and her spouse have chosen to raise their family in that other sad sack neighbourhood mentioned earlier, Parkdale.

      If you’d like, check it out on the corporation’s web site. It first ran on Sept.22, 2016


      It might offer up hope, especially to those young families who continue to believe and invest in the Weston area that now provides some decent rapid transit, with hopefully more to come down the road.

      Long may you run, Weston.

      Thanks again, Lieselotte.
      Good job.

      1. This discussion of a great article on an exciting new restaurant devolved fairly quickly to a dark and xenophobic place. Nice to hear that some still welcome those willing to take a chance on our neighbourhood.

        As for Zeal Burger, the food is great and I, for one, will return. The owner, Mark, is a really friendly guy. Perhaps the “old anglos” can stick to their bangers and mash.

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