Zombies invade!

Last night, despite the rain, thousands of zombies and vampires descended on Weston, failing, on the whole, to scare any residents.

Our man on Queens says that attendance was down from last year; he reckons that about 650 kids visited his house, compared to 800 last year. Queens was still the hot destination, though; at my house, we got only around 200 goblins before we turned out the lights.

Reviewers said (in fewer words) that the evening was a great success, despite the weather; in response to my questions, I heard,  “Uh huh. Humph, humph. Yeah. Nom, nom“, which I took to be satisfaction with the night.

The second annual WestonWeb award for best house design goes out to the Egyptians on Queens. Their costumes were especially brilliant; they hand-made masks and clothing to represent the Egyptian gods. The prize: as much chocolate as you can carry.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Zombies invade!”

  1. It was wonderful to see all the kids last night. But sadly so many houses that used to shell out didn’t last night. I’m hoping it was only the weather keeping people in and not that people are losing the Halloween spirit here in Weston.

    Glad to see all the kids had a wonderful time!Report

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